Smart Scales

Remote monitoring and control of goods at affordable costs with quick return of investment and a better business understanding.

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Our Smart Scale Solution is affordable, as well as easy to implement and adapt to your needs.

Keeping a close eye on the weight of your stocks – fixed or mobile - is very important for creating optimal supply chain processes.

Monitor from distance any object as you receive in real time weight information through the Simfony IoT platform.
Save and process data based on your needs, and receive alarms and notifications whenever the system detects that results are not in the set limits.

Simfony Smart Scale is easy to implement on a variety of devices, both fixed and mobile, such as containers or refrigerated trucks.
It is a scalable solution that allows multiple hardware and software adjustments in a short timeframe and at extremely convenient costs.


Why use Simfony Smart Scales Solution?

Gain the competitive edge through a result oriented approach to your stocks, using state of the art M2M solutions.

Make sure your devices are used properly and that you do not lose money due to under- or over-stocking.

Monitor and remotely manage your equipment with a modern and extremely easy to install solution.


Unlock the power of the three key pieces at the core of Simfony solutions - Simfony’s IoT Platform, Simfony’s cross-border mobile network and the Piccolo M2M Bridge.


Use sensors to remotely assess indoor and outdoor temperature.


Track in real time the exact location of your devices.


Monitor in real time the load of all your devices.

Movement (Accelerometer)

Prevent theft and unauthorized movement of your devices.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?

Piccolo Hardware

/ unit (orders under 100 pcs. )

Contact us for bulk prices.

Starting from

50 €


/ month (24 months)

8 €


- optional

- included in package

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Interested in Simfony Smart Scales Solution?

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