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Easy to install and deploy, visual and comprehensive, scalable and versatile - our smart environment solutions are simply groundbreaking.

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Preserving and improving environmental conditions is a top priority in most developed countries.

Our scalable solution can be used for large areas, with fixed or mobile monitoring of numerous environment parameters.

Monitor in real time air quality, assessing the relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, CO, NO2, O3, SO2 and atmospheric particulate matter (PM10/PM2.5). Data obtained from the sensors is transmitted through cellular network to the Simfony IoT platform where you can easily create accurate maps or graphs for an easier decision process.

Simfony Smart Environment is a scalable solution that can be used for areas of any size – cities, metropolitan areas, industrial areas or even a backyard. It is not limited to fixed positioning. One advantage is that the monitoring device can be mounted on moving vehicles in order to temporary measure certain geographical areas.


Why Simfony Smart Environment

Monitor and remotely manage your equipment with an easy to install solution.

Obtain highly relevant data in real time at extremely efficient costs.

Simfony Smart Environment is scalable and versatile, great for any area size.


Simfony Smart Environment solutions is implemented with full support from our team of specialists. The monitoring and reporting system works globally and is highly customizable.

Air quality

Use finely tuned sensors for tracking the air pollutants.

Water quality

Get instant alerts when water purity is endangered.

Hazardous substances

Place sensors for tracking various environmental KPIs.

Interactive maps

Create highly visual representations for a faster decision making process.

Noise level

Make sure environment is free from excessive noise.

Solar radiation

Use our smart environment solution to measure the solar radiation.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?


Various pricing options are provided depending on the optimal solution for your business.

We highly recommend you to benefit from our strategic partnership with Libelium and choose a great starting development kit.

Development Kit

4,800 €

The data is sent to the Internet using 4G radios.

In cooperation with

The Development Kit Contains:

Item Qty
SIM card – SimfonyMobile 2
Plug & Sense! SC-PRO 4G 1
Plug & Sense! SA 4G 1
Noise / Sound Level Sensor 1
Luminosity (luxes accuracy) 1
Ultrasound probe
Calibrated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas Sensor Probe 1
Soil moisture 1.5 probe 1
Weather Station WS-3000 probe 1
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor Probe 1
Outdoors USB cable 2
International adapter 2
6600mA·h rechargeable battery+external solar panel 7V + 500m 2

Interested in Simfony Smart Environment Solutions?

Our Sales Engineer is eager to find your exact needs and answer any questions you might have.

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