LoRaWAN Solution

Build your own LoRaWAN network with Simfony’s cloud infrastructure

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Infrastructure is still a major issue when trying to deploy LoRaWAN devices.

Simfony’s LoRaWAN cloud service enabling customers or service provider to rapidly deploy gateway and devices without the need for a costly backend infrastructure.

Connect your own Lora gateways to Simfony’s LoRaWan infrastructure using our secure mobile data connection or your existing internet provider

Use our cloud based Network Server to connect your LoRaWAN devices without worrying about device provisioning or management

Instantly receives the data sent from your devices in our App builder. Forward it to existing external apps or use it for analytics features.


Why use our LoRaWAN solution

Streamline your LoRaWAN deployment by using cloud based services that enable you to grow your network.

Eliminate the costs for buying and managing software like the Network Server and provisioning applications.

Pay only for active devices and add as many gateways as you like for a scaled customer baseline growth.

Focus on the end application and not the infrastructure needed to deploy and run it.

Use the existing Simfony LoRaWAN coverage wherever it is available for best results.

Benefit from our integrations with all the major LoRA gateway vendors (Kerlink, Cisco, MultiTech, Link Labs).



Use IoT VPN feature to securely connect gateways to the cloud.


Track in real time the exact location of your devices.


Pay only for your active devices with no software license fees.


Add gateways when you need them and where you need them.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?

LoRaWAN Hardware

/ Kerlink, MultiTech, LinkLabs

Starting from

550 €

Active device license

/ month

(1 € activation fee )

0,5 €


- optional

- included in package

0 €

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