Simfony IoT Platform

If you are searching for an easy learning curve, great ways to structure and monitor data, and a device agnostic, API-first architecture – you’ve come to the right place!

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How easy it is to build your own applications and take full advantage of IoT?

Much easier than you may imagine, thanks to our ready-to-use Simfony IoT platform.
Use it and take full advantage of its benefits.

Build and run custom applications without the need to write a single line of code

Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things which implements a graphical process designer in an intuitive, drag-and-drop manner. Leveraging Node-RED’s growing community and Simfony’s communication and analytics assets you can quickly create new services.

Use our integrated application designer

The Cloud Platform provides a working framework necessary throughout all stages of an IoT project. It is up to you to choose what you use the platform for, e.g prototyping, design, test or run a production environment. The application designer is integrated with the platform API, making it easy for you to interact with device meta-data and communication features.

Don’t worry about the structure of your data

Data is the blood stream of our platform. Either being data sent from edge devices or residing somewhere else in the cloud, the IoT platform is focused on collecting it, storing it, triggering events and providing insights. You don’t even need to worry about the structure of the data, our platform analyses it and presents it to you in a “ready-to-use” view.

Don’t pay for unpredictable usage patters

We believe you should never pay for things and services you don’t need. In this respect the cloud applications, like other Simfony services, employ a “pay for what you use” policy. Based on your needs the cloud environment can be scaled from a trial setup up to hundreds of transactions per second so you are always safe from unpredictable usage patterns.


Without clear and simple to use analytics, Internet of Things is simply not efficient.
That is why, Simfony IoT cloud Platform makes data gathering and analysis process easy and actionable.

Elastic Data Store

Our cloud platform offers a scalable, real-time data storage facility which can be used to store massive amounts of information collected from connected devices for an unlimited amount of time. According to your needs, we offer multiple options in terms of storage space scaling from small, undemanding prototypes up to production level deployments.

Structureless Data

Your data does not need to follow a predefined scheme or structure. We store heterogeneous JSON objects and provide the required tools to transform from one format to another. Your information is accessible from the WEB Platform, through our API or from your Node-RED instance. You always own the data and we make sure it’s secured and available.

Visualization and Reporting

The Insights tool allows you to easily build and visualize meaningful reports. The IoT Platform has a composer where you can choose the relevant fields for your visualization. The reports are presented in multiple shareable dashboards. You can always add views right to your home screen.


You can always use the stored data to power you IoT applications. The information captured and stored from your connected devices can be used in Node-RED flows to drive decisions and build you service logic. You can have an unlimited number of collections shareable between your flows.

API-First Architecture

Usually, traditional product design is device centric, but your company needs to be device agnostic, because device centric product design results in duplicated effort and wasted engineering work. Agile teams instinctively want to develop in an API-First way.

We have designed our platform from the get go with enterprise integration in mind. All the features available within the IoT Platform (connectivity management, device management, reporting, just to name a few) are available via secure REST jSON/XML APIs, so you can seamlessly integrate the management of your IoT products within your ERP or CRM.

Interested in SIMFONY IoT Platform?

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