Connected Cabinets

Transform your retail and storage cabinets into intelligent assets, protecting your goods and increasing profits!

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Keeping goods in safe conditions is essential for a successful retail or FMCG business.

Connect your fixed or mobile cabinets into a cold chain process that reduces operational costs and increases customer satisfaction for maximum profit.

Monitor and remotely manage your refrigeration equipment with an easy to install connected cabinets solution.

Gain the competitive edge through an integrated approach to your cold-chain process, using state of the art M2M solutions from Simfony.

Prevent theft as well as damage or loss of the stored goods without making expensive investments in replacing current refrigerators


Why use Simfony Connected Cabinets Solution?

Reduce operational costs

Through reports and alerts you know exactly what goes on with your fleet of cabinets. Optimize your stock levels based on usage, logistics based on location and power consumption based on schedule.

Reduce human operator error

Have a unified view of the entire asset inventory, eliminating errors. Reduce the time-to-resolution of specific situations through automated rules and non-interactive actions performed on alerts.

Reduce field service visits

Troubleshoot your devices remotely. You can reboot your device, change its internal settings, monitor data usage and perform tasks which usually require an expensive on-site visit.

Increase ROI

With reduced downtime, your assets will be able to generate more revenue for a prolonged period of time. Also, your profit will grow through optimizing all aspects of your charging stations network.

Reduce asset loss

Typically operators lose between 5–15% of their cabinets annually due to unauthorized movements and mistakes in logistic processes. Full real-time visibility of device location greatly reduces this.

Quality first

Sales are impacted by improper operating conditions leading to deteriorated products in the display, as well as by poor stock management. Solve this through being in touch with cabinets’ interior.


Unlock the power of the three key pieces at the core of Simfony solutions - Simfony’s IoT Platform, Simfony’s cross-border mobile network and the Piccolo M2M Bridge.


See the exact temperature in each of your units.


Monitor the relative air humidity in the enclosure.


Keep track of your goods inventory.


Track in real time the location of your devices.

Opened door

Act swiftly when there is an open door.

Movement (Accelerometer)

Prevent theft and unauthorized movement.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?

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