Payment Vending Machines

Increase customer loyalty and frequency through an easy to implement and versatile modern retail solution.

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Vending machines are only as efficient as their running time, therefore it is vital to constantly reduce downtimes.

Modernize your Vending Machines business through SMS, NFC and Wallet payment, as well as advanced telemetry for inventory tracking and alerting.

With Simfony Cashless Vending you can activate two types of services once connected to Vending Box:

Simfony Coin Free

this service offers cashless payment by SMS, NFC and Wallet, including our own app.

Simfony Measure & Treasure

advanced telemetry tools for efficient management services, either machine to platform or platform to machine.


According to the European Vending Association, cashless vending machines offer:

35% more daily visits

100% decrease of unnecessary visits

25% savings on cars fuel costs

Simfony Coin Free

Eliminate cash collection costs.

Always available vending, with no worries about coin jams or foreign coins.

Save time – No cash balancing required

Reduced queuing times – 3 times faster than cash.

More efficient hygiene routines.

Reduced audit time of sales operations.

Greater security - Cash is vulnerable. There is no risk of theft or accidental loss of money.

Simfony Treasure and Measure

You are provided with an integration service to automatically transfer the data collected by the vending machines to any software system. All data stored in the Simfony Cloud is available for retrieval and analysis over the Web GUI. Custom reports can be built and applied to the existing data, extracting and emphasizing the relevant information.

All data stored in the Simfony Cloud is available for retrieval and analysis over the web based interface.

Custom reports can be build and applied to the existing data, extracting and emphasizing the relevant information.

Using a simple web application, monitor from any PC or mobile device the operating parameters of your vending machines.

Use an integration service to automatically transfer data collected to any software (, SAP ERP or any CRM system).


Using a simple and intuitive Web application, you can monitor from any PC or mobile device the main operating parameters of your vending machines:

Cashless payment

Make buying process faster and avoid costly coin jams.

Supply level

Avoid out-of-stock time and unsatisfied customers.


See the exact position of each of your vending units.


Prevent theft and unauthorized movement.

Inventory Tracking

Control what items are sold and when for a better planning. Change product and pricing information easily and send new details over network to all points of sale.

Customizable alerting schedules

Use real time notifications for stocks and for the status of the vending machine and implement them to the relevant dispatch and field personnel.

Sales tracking and reporting

Vending sales can easily be analyzed to identify the top sellers and slow movers. The data can show the right path based on history and predictions.

Alerts to prevent incidents

You can easily define alerts for specific events (such as fire, flooding, movements, and vibrations), and avoid the consequences of such unwanted incidents.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?


Simfony IoT Cloud
4-8 € / month

(based on the number of active devices and the subscription period)

The monthly subscription includes mobile data access, connectivity management and monitoring, device management, and access to the sales solution (cashless payment, pre-invoicing, reporting and data analysis.

Hardware *

Minimum number of devices





Price per device (EUR)





*All devices except Piccolo have GSM antenna and polycarbonate boxes

Development and advisory services on demand. It is possible to temporarily suspend the devices if needed. Personalized alerts and notifications based on the network or device events.

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