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Ramp up your M2M and IoT projects with global connectivity and flexible, state of the art cloud management M2M solutions at affordable costs!

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Connect your devices to cellular providers across the world and enjoy innovative services delivered by a top quality and customer oriented M2M communications partner!

Choose affordable global coverage, a versatile and easy to use management platform, and apps you can customize without writing a single line of code.

m2m communications

APIs for custom integrations

Manage SIM cards provisioning and diagnostics directly through one secure, scalable, web-based platform and our easy to use API.

m2m communications

Affordable and Flexible

We believe you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t use, and our pricing policy reflects this, so that you can keep prices under control.

m2m communications

Global M2M Mobile Network

Roaming between countries and even in the same country is seamless, and the mobile core is built from the ground up around this key feature.

Simfony Mobile’s network is unique because it is dedicated 100% to M2M, being much more than a contact SIM, providing the best possible tools for enabling successful, “always on” M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


With simple and flexible pricing models, Simfony stands out from the competition.

Pool Bundle SIM Bundle Pay as you go Tariff over bundle M2M Public IP VPN Cloud APN Standard SIM Embedded 1GB 5GB 10GB 1MB 5MB 10MB 100MB 02EMB 1EMB

Simfony is constantly working with network partners worldwide to provide the widest coverage access through its IoT cellular platform. The different zones are driven by each country's required cost of support and connectivity with local carrier partners.

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Choose the best available SIM form factor for your device from a broad range of sizes - 2FF, 3FF and 4FF.

The size depends on the size of your device and the amount of space you have to accommodate it.

Data Services

Easily connect devices to your applications using 2G/3G GSM-based, cellular communication services in over 180 countries worldwide.

Internet Connectivity:

With Simfony’s Internet Connectivity service you can connect your smart devices directly to the systems of your choice, which are hosted on a public Internet infrastructure.

VPN Secure Connect:

With Simfony’s VPN service you can connect your smart devices directly to your enterprise private network, keeping sensitive information tunneled from the SIM cards to your infrastructure.

Cloud Platform Connectivity:

With Simfony’s Cloud Connectivity option, securely connect your SIM-enabled device data with our Application Platform and instantly build IoT applications without writing a single line of code.

Total Control

Have total control over your data SIM cards - current location, its network status, the real time data usage or even the countries it is allowed to roam. You can even suspend a SIM card and stop paying while you don’t need it.

Messaging Services

Simfony Mobile provides several Short Message Service (SMS) solutions addressing the specific needs of the M2M marketplace. Our network keeps your SMS messages private, and any SMS must go through our secure platform.

APIs for Custom Integrations

All the features available within the IoT Platform are available via secure REST jSON/XML APIs, so you can seamlessly integrate the management of your IoT products within your ERP or CRM.


Simfony M2M solutions is specifically designed for M2M deployments and comes packed with a multitude of features essential for your business:

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Global coverage

Excellent coverage in over 180 countries around the world.

contact sim

SIM management

State of the art cloud platform solution for keeping track of your data SIM cards.

m2m solutions


Seamlessly integrate the management of your IoT products within your ERP or CRM.

m2m communications

For each SIM-enabled device, Simfony Management Portal provides real-time information regarding the Network Attach Status and Data Session PDP status for each endpoint. Instant network view available for each SIM-enabled device. Brings information regarding the current attached mobile network operator, PDP connection status, device information (IMEI) and provisioning information (APN, device ids, metadata and security credentials).

m2m communications

Easily monitor your SIM-based deployments by viewing all relevant information at a single glance. Analyze current and historical data for each individual device and for all traffic bearers (SMS, data).

m2m communications

Location-based service offering that allows customers to query and instantly find the geographic location of any of their wireless devices on the Simfony Mobile network. Instant Location solution available to every device. Service is 100% network based and no extra software is needed. Uses Cell ID, ECID and Assisted GPS information to provide location information based on supported Mobile Networks worldwide. Works with any device, including non-GPS enabled devices.

sim technology

Data Alerting and Data Capping are services provided by Simfony to help you monitor and control your data usage. If a SIM has reached 100% of its usage allowance an alert is sent to the customer stating that the SIM has reached its Data Cap threshold and no further data sessions will be allowed. An alert is also triggered to the customer once a specific usage threshold of the data allowance has been reached.

m2m card

Based on the unique International Mobile Equipment Identification number (IMEI) of the hardware module that your SIM is currently connected with, Simfony platform automatically detects the hardware model, manufacturer and radio bands that the module is operating on.

m2m card

Billing information is presented for each provisioned SIM card as well as aggregated information for the entire SIM fleet so that you are in control of the costs at any time. On demand activation/de-activation with no contract per SIM is built at the core of our products.

sim technology

Each SIM card can be easily configured via the web portal to satisfy each custom deployment requirements. Configuration options include enabling or disabling Data or SMS services, APN credentials authentication and authorization, device-based locking as well as global operational service areas definition.

m2m communications

Simfony Portal provides tools to run reports and gather data for your SIM-enabled devices. Reports can provide information for the entire devices fleet, a specific group of devices, or a single device.

Custom reports can be easily built using the following data:

  • Network Registration (operator name/country)
  • Mobile Data Traffic (bytes in/out/total)
  • SMS Traffic (SMS-MO/SMS-MT)
  • Location Data (Cell IDs)
  • Device (IMEI)

Each report can be assigned to a custom Dashboard of your choice, in order to group graphs based on your requirements.

See Simfony Connect in Action!

Each M2M solution from Simfony is unique, specifically tailored for the customer’s needs. However, at the core of everything we offer is our amazingly versatile Simfony platform.


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