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Simfony Mobile provides both custom solutions and a range of products designed for particular industries. Simfony Platform is the core.

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At a Glance

Use standard communication protocols as input for your app.

Drag and drop functional blocks in order to design your processes.

Test application using the simulator and prepare for production.

Click deploy and your application is ready to run inside Simfony’s cloud.

Why Our Simfony Platform

We’ll help you have a successful start

Exploring new opportunities or adopting new technologies can be quite a challenge in terms of both resources and risks. This is why we developed our IoT platform enabling you to prototype and easily test or validate any concept before moving it to a full scale production environment.

Make it better, faster

With our IoT Platform making adjustments to the service logic or scaling up and down resources has never been easier.

With Simfony’s Visual Flow designer tool all of your IoT projects service logic is at your fingertips with drag and drop functionalities.

Easy to use tools for complex projects

No matter how complex is the IoT or M2M solution you need, our platform provides all the necessary tools, from mobile data connectivity to custom analytics and reporting.

These tools can be combined and even integrated with your existing enterprise resources or other third party systems. All of the features provided by Simfony’s IoT platform are available as REST APIs so you can easily integrate your own processes into the platform.

But what about my data?

Your data is always yours, stored and secure. The platform can store the data collected by your devices and you can easily retrieve it anytime either through the web application or through our APIs.

If you choose to store the data in our cloud, our Analytics and Reporting tool is great for gaining insights over your processes no matter how the data is structured. For projects requiring enhanced security the auto deployable VPN service allows you to connect your devices to your own private network.

Custom IoT Projects

Our out of the box solutions for various industries is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can offer you.

Together we can build the perfect solution for your particular needs and our team of professionals will help you take the best business decision before starting. Through global mobile connectivity, bespoke service creation and dedicated execution environments, we find cost-cutting, meaningful solutions which synchronize IoT and M2M latest developments with the specifics of your industry.

Leave the architecture to us

It’s always essential to know the ins and outs of your business and that is why we will work together to identify the areas where our custom solutions can make the highest impact. We will enable you to focus on your core business capabilities and not worry about the supporting architecture.

Don’t worry about the devices

We are working with device manufacturers from all over the globe, making sure that your project goes without fault. If your devices are already connected or if your requirements vary and you have chosen a different connectivity option, you can still use the rest of our services.

Elastic Data Store

Our cloud platform offers a scalable, real-time data storage facility which can be used to store massive amounts of information collected from connected devices for an unlimited amount of time. According to your needs, we offer multiple options in terms of storage space scaling from small, undemanding prototypes up to production level deployments.

Inactive connections don’t cost

Why should you pay for connections you don’t use? Simfony’s flexible management solution allows you to take complete control over your assets. Also, our mobile data offer doesn’t come only with affordable prices but also worldwide coverage so that you IoT project can come alive anywhere in the world.

Cloud makes your projects fly

Simfony’s IoT as a service model lowers the costs and complexity of owning and operating your infrastructure. Upgrades and improvements are added seamlessly.

One size never fits all

We are focused on providing you with all the right tools, instead of solving individual problems in vertical environments. Our platform offers benefits in managing and monitoring device functionality and parameters.

Information is power

We have already implemented fully functional solutions for clients in various industries and we are more than happy to offer more details if you are interested in what we have to offer.

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