Simfony IoT for Farming

Optimize the yield of your farming land or livestock using a modern, flexible approach based on your unique business needs.

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Simfony’s client, a preeminent presence in the global farming sector, observes that livestock loses could be drastically decreased with a closer control over the farming facilities. Furthermore, the lack of monitoring and control over the farming resources and processes increases the operational costs.


Developing a custom-made project observing company’s and industry’s specifics used to be an extensive process involving significant time and financial resources. With Simfony’s platform, things are now much easier: after an in-depth discussion with the client, an optimal solution was found - LoRAWAN, a local radio network which allows monitoring various parameters in a wide geographic area, with low power consumption, without building an expensive infrastructure.

Crop monitoring

Take decisions and act in real time through remote crops monitoring.

Animal tracking

See your livestock movement and behavior for faster decision making.

Farming facilities

Remotely monitor your facilities and equipment saving employee time.

Farming machineries

See the exact location of your machineries and their state of operation.

Resource consumption (water, fuel)

Act efficiently and avoid losing livestock or crops due to resource scarcity.

Climate monitoring

Make sure you can predict and use weather to your advantage.

Sensors were installed to monitor and measure various parameters around the farm and transmit data in real time. The IoT platform collected real time actionable data from the sensors, triggering alarms or storing the data for future review. At the same time, dashboard and analytics became available to create historic reviews.


Four easy steps:

Customer workshop to gather requirements

Site survey

Smart Sensors installation

Creation of the application logic and visualizations


Facts & Figures:

Over 50% loss cut through better decisions and livestock health

Optimized business processes

Statistics available anytime for managers' review

Improved regulatory compliance

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