Simfony IoT Solution for Vending Machines

Increase customer loyalty and frequency through an easy to implement and versatile modern retail solution.

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As we were able to learn first-hand, a vending machine’s profitability is highly dependent on its total time of proper functioning.In this respect, one of the main disturbing factors are coin jams. We offered our customer an alternative to cash payments by implementing SMS payment in a controlled test sample environment. This is just one of the many features our complete solution delivers to vending machines.


Real time monitoring of the vending machines enabled not only SMS payments but also creating substantial reports on how the machines are used. This information also offers an extremely useful snapshot of the consumer’s behavior.

Cashless payment

Make buying process faster and avoid costly coin jams.

Supply level

Avoid out-of-stock time and unsatisfied customers.


See the exact position of each of your vending units.


Prevent theft and unauthorized movement.


From the first contact with our client it took us only three months to put everything in place so that customers can start buying as simple as sending an SMS and instantly receiving their purchase.

The Simfony platform’s flexibility allowed the implementation of the project at a fraction of the cost usually involved by projects created from scratch. Furthermore, as insights were gathered, the project’s unfolding was adjusted in real time, which turned out to be a much needed and useful feature.


By the end of the trial, our client was able to make an informed decision. The data collected throughout the project indicated that a large scale deployment is not opportune at the present time because only under 10% of the consumers are willing to use SMS payments. Their behavior was highly influenced by the location, social category, professional status and product type.

It is clear now that using this solution can bring great results as long as the public is informed about its benefits and trusts the vendor, which will probably soon happen in the country where we tested the solution, but just not yet.

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