Simfony IoT for Refrigerated Cabinets

Increase customer loyalty and frequency through an easy to implement modern retail solution.

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When “cut costs and increase revenues” are the key words on an ultracompetitive market, it’s only natural to constantly think about how to optimize your business processes. So why not transform your refrigerating equipment into connected, sales-generating intelligent assets? Ones that can report their parameters in real time!


This ambitious goal is possible with smart solutions developed by Simfony Mobile's engineers. The connected cabinets solution we used had an operating principle using sensors to detect parameters such as:


See the exact temperature in each of your units.


Monitor the relative air humidity in the enclosure.


Keep track of your goods inventory.


Track in real time the location of your devices.

Opened door

Act swiftly when there are open doors.

Movement (Accelerometer)

Prevent theft and unauthorized movement.

Sensor readings are transmitted using the Piccolo device through the GSM network to Simfony IoT Platform. The IoT Platform collect real time actionable data from the sensors, triggering alarms or storing the data for review. With dashboard and analytics you can create historic reviews.


Four easy steps:

Customer workshop to gather requirements

Site survey

Smart Sensors installation

Creation of the application logic and visualizations


Following deployment, results are immediate:

Real time monitoring of specifically selected parameters in the devices.

Full control of equipment position, reducing the risk of losses caused by unauthorized removal, errors or stolen items.

Reducing the risk of human error in inventory situations and field visits to identify possible problems.

Real time alarms if there is a critical situations that occurs and requires fast intervention.

Data storage and historical reports plus statistical analysis correlating parameters and events.

Develop apps based on a customizable algorithm and have them integrated with other systems and processes.

Increasing sales volume by analyzing customer behavior (door openings/ purchased items).

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