The payment solution for electric cars charging stations developed by Simfony Mobile, the main Romanian provider of IoT and M2M integrated solutions, is implemented by E-mobility (TMC Electric Mobility), one of the first companies to be involved in the field of charging stations in Romania.

The estimated worldwide annual growth is 75%. Romania is much smaller on a worldwide level, with already millions of electric vehicles and charging stations. If in Germany the number of loading stations for electric cars increased last year by almost a third, to over 7,400, in Romania this number is below 100. Year 2016 brought Romania a substantial increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles sold - 1,183 units (compared to 496 units in 2015). Over the last few years, authorities, as well as various non-governamental or private organizations, have announced plans and infrastructure development projects needed for the widespread adoption of these vehicles. The trend is obvious and it becomes clear that the Romanian market will adapt to these trends, especially under the growing cost of conventional fuel.


In this context, Simfony Mobile, the main Romanian provider of integrated IoT and M2M solutions, offers a customizable and secure solution for monitoring and managing payments at charging stations. The Simfony Mobile Charging Stations solution is implemented in cooperation with E-Mobility (TMC Electric Mobility), an innovative Romanian company with a significant national presence through dozens of public and private stations.


In addition to SMS payment and real-time monitoring of charging stations, the solution can be extended to allow integration with other existing systems of the electromobility suppliers. For example, access to charging stations can be allowed based on pre-established phone numbers, e-wallet or shopping vouchers.


“The providers of charging stations can connect all their units to Simfony cloud service either through our dedicated data connection or through their own internet connectivity. The solution can be deployed anywhere in the world due to the global connectivity it offers, and the Simfony team provides support in implementing all the functionalities. The Simfony cloud management platform is highly customizable, so the work of the stations can be monitored in real time through highly effective reporting for the decision-making process,” says Ștefan Anghel,  Product Design Architect Simfony Mobile.


The management platform is cloud-accessible and provides numerous reports, alerts, and notifications about payouts, consumption and real-time status of stations, thus enabling both cost and operational efficiency to be streamlined. In order to encourage and facilitate the development of the charging networks for electric cars of any size, Simfony Mobile comes to support of all charging station suppliers with an advantageous offer, where the first year of service is free of charge.


“Currently, the widespread adoption of electric cars is conditioned by a number of factors that are in the process of defining. From the positioning of power stations to the interoperability of suppliers, the speed of battery loading or the conditions for the purchase of new cars. One of the key elements of this puzzle is how to pay and manage your payments. The Simfony Mobile solution for charging stations solves this aspect for all customers who own electric cars. The E-mobility partnership confirms our efficiency and we look forward to including the solution in as many power stations as possible,” says Bogdan Bălan, General Manager of Simfony Mobile.


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