Simfony Mobile joined forces with Libelium for delivering the IoT Revolution to the world through top LoRaWAN network server solutions for more efficient cities, buildings, parking lots.


With projects in over 120 countries, Libelium is one of the top IoT companies in the world. Simfony Mobile connectivity and management solutions are now featured in the IoT Marketplace with innovative new kits based on Simfony IoT Platform and LoRaWAN network technology. The current Libelium-Simfony IoT kits are focused on a couple of specific applications, i.e. Smart Parking, Smart Cities and Smart Building, but there is also a Development Kit for testing and building more generic solutions.



Lorawan network server

At the core of IoT is its ingenious structure of communication protocols, enabled by connectivity, with an abstract architecture that is composed from both hardware and software systems. This is how a smart environment is created, connecting and embedding smart components. Systems sensors can collect a valuable database in any field of human activity. We use the devices to enable our lives and work through Internet. IoT is their means of communication to each other and getting back to us, with essential information that can make a real difference in the decision making process. Real-time information and having control over things from a distance allows us to create the world and the business we aim for.



The Libelium-Simfony LoRaWAN Smart Parking Solution Kit enables the detection of free or occupied parking spots around a city using sensors placed on-road (surface installation) in parking spaces. Data collected from the sensors is sent into the IoT Cloud platform in real time from where it can be easily used to create meaningful visualizations, alerts and reports for city authorities or it can be retrieved from end user applications for the regular citizens.



The Smart Cities Solution Kit allows the real time monitoring of key environmental parameters in cities such as light intensity, NO2, CO, O3 temperature and humidity. Data collected by the Libelium sensors can be used in the Simfony IoT platform to create urban maps of these KPIs allowing not only for a better city management but more importantly for informed and environmentally aware inhabitants.



The LoRaWAN Smart Building Solution Kit from Libelium-Simfony is great for real time monitoring of key parameters in buildings, such as environmental conditions, presence, luminosity, opening-closing of gates / windows and more.



 There is also the option of choosing the Libelium-Simfony Development (LoRaWAN) Kit for those that need to touch a more broad set of applications. The kit includes two LoRAWAN Plugh&Sense nodes and a various set of sensors focused on Smart cities and Smart Agriculture applications.



All solutions include a Multitech LoRaWAN Base Station Multitech with a data SIM card with versions available for both Europe at 868MHz and for US / Canada at 900/915MHz


All kits come with a trial Simfony IoT platform account, free for three months, a two hours workshop with Simfony Mobile experts to help with the IoT project and one data SIM card for cloud connectivity (for 3 months and up to 50 MB/month).



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