Our M2M solutions rely on three main factors – hardware, software and connectivity. We aim to deliver best in class solutions, therefore, we always recommend using latest generation intelligent sensors, a highly customizable cloud management platform (Simfony Management Platform), and state-of-the-art connectivity.


With the first two it is pretty easy to deliver. Our sensors are verified through extensive testing after checking a number of providers. The second key component - our Management Platform has been for years in intensive development by a team of experienced top professionals based on feedback from hundreds of customers. But the key component that makes everything click? Connectivity.


How come we are so sure Simfony Mobile M2M connectivity solution is the best? It’s simple. We offer global coverage at a great price (Check out our prices). Yes, it is true that for certain situations one might obtain a slightly reduced cost. However, consider the fact that no global connectivity provider can offer you the level of flexibility, speed, and software customization the way Simfony Mobile team can provide. And you will realize that our complex solution is simply unbeatable.


Simfony Mobile’s network is unique because it is dedicated 100% to M2M. Much more than a contact SIM, Simfony Mobile connectivity solutions come bundled with the best possible tools for enabling successful - “always on” M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Roaming between countries and even in the same country is seamless through our M2M cards. Actually, our entire business is built on this key feature. SIM cards provisioning and diagnostics is managed directly through one secure, scalable, web-based platform and our easy to use API. This is done in a way that ensures that you do not pay for what you don’t use, so that you can always keep prices under control.



At the core of IoT is its ingenious structure of communication protocols, enabled by connectivity, with an abstract architecture that is composed from both hardware and software systems. This is how a smart environment is created, connecting and embedding smart components. Systems sensors can collect a valuable database in any field of human activity. We use the devices to enable our lives and work through Internet. IoT is their means of communication to each other and getting back to us, with essential information that can make a real difference in the decision making process. Real-time information and having control over things from a distance allows us to create the world and the business we aim for.



What we feel truly makes us stand out in the IoT and M2M landscape is our simple and flexible pricing model – customers can choose from the three options: Pool Bundle, SIM Bundle and Pay-As-You-Go. Everything that is over the bundle has a clear pricing structure, with all outgoing SMSs from Simfony’s platform to device being free of charge. While your M2M Internet Access is free, you can also choose connectivity extras such as Public IP, VPN, Cloud and Custom APN or SIM card forms.

lorawan network

All these beautiful features are simply useless unless the network is working properly, right? We know. SIM technology is nothing unless there is a network to support it. Simfony is constantly working with network partners worldwide to provide the widest coverage access through its IoT cellular platform. The different zones are driven by each country's required cost of support and connectivity with local carrier partners.


We are aware of the importance connectivity has in any M2M communications project. That is why we recommend you to check Simfony Mobile Network interactive map before taking the decision to call us and start your own IoT Revolution!


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lorawan network



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