So, you want to start or improve your IoT or M2M project and you are searching for the best connectivity solution? We’ve been there and clearly saw that there is a constant need for complete connectivity solutions. This convinced us to take a leap of faith and create Simfony Mobile.


From the very beginning, we were determined to help our customers and partners benefit from global coverage and a state of the art cloud management M2M solution. Add to this our ardent desire to keep prices under control and it is clear now why our solutions are currently used worldwide!


M2M Solutions

Simfony Mobile customers can easily connect their devices to cellular providers across the world. For us, that is a true IoT Revolution. We know that companies which play correctly their M2M card should not underestimate the power of what once was a simple contact SIM. Today, due to technological advances, SIMs can operate anywhere at reasonable costs, making international projects at affordable costs a dream come true.


What makes M2M communication technology a great asset for any business is the fact that it provides great assistance for the management representatives, giving them the ability to make better decisions. This type of technology puts the mind at ease with a lot of core activities such as security, tracing, vending, fleet management, point of sale (POS) and many others, providing a wide range of solutions. Through Cloud, a wired network, and a platform such as the Simfony Mobile Platform, different types of wireless devices get to communicate to one another creating a data flow sent to the corresponding device. Everything is at the fingertips of the business in charge, making it easy to continuously monitor the good functioning of their activity.


M2M Communications

SIM technology connected to a powerful M2M communications platform brings a totally new dimension to the IoT equation through APIs for custom integrations. Why shouldn’t we be able to manage SIM cards provisioning and diagnostics directly through one secure, scalable, web-based platform and our easy to use API? And speaking of provisioning, we strongly believe that customers shouldn’t pay for what they don’t use. It is in our best interest to help our customers keep prices under control and Simfony Mobile pricing policy clearly reflects this.


Simfony Connectivity creates better M2M solutions both through SIM technology and M2M communications management platform. For instance, roaming between countries and even in the same country is seamless. Simfony Mobile’s network is unique because it is dedicated 100% to M2M. However, that doesn’t involve unfamiliar elements, as the SIM M2M card is available in a broad range of widely used sizes - 2FF, 3FF and 4FF. Although it does not support voice, Simfony Mobile provides several Short Message Service (SMS) solutions addressing the specific needs of the M2M marketplace. Our network keeps SMS messages private, and any SMS must go through our secure platform.



We are well aware that there are still numerous barriers to the easy adoption of IoT and M2M solutions into the daily activity of various companies. One of them is integration with existing ERP and CRM solutions, which can luckily be done seamlessly through API integration. Please check all the features of our M2M and IoT connectivity offer if you haven’t already and make sure to drop us a line for more technical data or a personalized offer.



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