Just a few years ago, many IoT based projects were hindered by high entry costs to cellular connectivity. Today, from contact SIM we went into the world of LTE / 4G and great roaming deals. M2M solutions and projects based on IoT can finally get their deserved position in the mainstream technological solutions for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. IoT services are greatly helped by the advancements in cellular connectivity – technologically and commercially.


From connected refrigerating cabinets, to agriculture technology and all the way to internet of things in retail, cellular connectivity is increasingly the preferred solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. Cellular connectivity brings to the world of IoT projects reliable and secure M2M communications unsurpassed by any other solution when we compare the costs and benefits for most of the industries in the world.


Internet of things solutions of tomorrow rely on IoT development tools that are easy to use and connect. For M2M solutions that are at the same time affordable, efficient and innovative, unhindered access to IoT innovation through a safe connection is essential.


Why connectivity is such an important issue

One of the main reasons is that connectivity is basically a vital element of a perfectly executed M2M technology. IoT projects cover quite a number of things and subsystems - from IoT sensors, to a M2M dedicated SIM card, to a Management Platform. The only way to make this puzzle work in a highly efficient way is through a great connectivity solution. Affordable conditions in the current M2M pricing for connectivity makes M2M management through the Internet of Things platform by Simfony Mobile simply an offer that businesses cannot afford to miss.


M2M Solutions

Based on Standard 2FF, 3FF or 4FF or Embedded MFF2/UICC SIM cards, Simfony Mobile offers a number of connectivity types. From M2M Internet Access (free), to Public IP, VPN, Cloud Management (free) or Custom APN – they are all based on three types of subscriptions: Pool Bundle, SIM Bundle, and Pay As You Go.


With Simfony Cellular Connectivity, IoT projects become a much safer bet when there is such a large number of solutions companies can use. Getting connected to the Management Platform is easy. Through Simfony IoT Management Platform, the entire Internet of Things industry has access to the new IoT business models based on data analytics tools available online. Internet of Things data is easily accessible through an interface that is visually appealing, easy to customize, and comprehensible.


With simple and flexible pricing models, Simfony stands out from the competition.

Choose the best option for your business!


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How important is global connectivity?

One of the great advantages of M2M-dedicated SIMs is that they can be used anywhere in the world. Connections are no longer limited to a country or a region or a limited area. Today, with incredibly accessible costs, businesses from all around the world can get the best offer on the market, slashing investments in IoT structures through efficient connection. Simfony M2M platform is based on an IoT platform architecture that is at the same time safe and efficient. The Internet of Things companies of today use cellular connectivity to their advantage.


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